Weight Loss Surgery Can Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer

 Weightloss Surgery In Austalia

Obesity is a problem that mankind has been trying to combat for the past few decades. The last few years has seen the rise in obesity. Our lifestyles have changed our food habits. Our sedentary lifestyle is an excellent environment of health risk to thrive. Being morbidly obese only makes everything much worse. Obesity comes with its own set of problems along with lifestyle diseases it also raises the risk of cancer. Having a healthy diet will help you lose weight, one of the best diets is the keto pure diet from https://reportshealthcare.com/. Weight loss surgery can effectively not only bring down your weight but also save your life by protecting you from various lifestyle diseases. Along with lifestyle diseases weight gain can also increase your chances with the big C we are talking about cancer and the outcomes may not always be good. However, weight loss surgery is a surprising way to keep the cancer at bay. Believe it or not this surgery has surprising ways of saving lives.

Researchers from University of Gothenburg in Sweden used information from the Swedish Obese Subjects (SOS) study – a prospective controlled intervention trial probing bariatric surgery effects – to analyze the influence of weight loss on melanoma occurrence. Researchers found that bariatric surgery evidently lessened the danger of melanoma -search here tophealthjournal.com/-. Over a time of 18 years, they detected a 61 per cent decline in the risk of malignant melanoma and a 42 per cent reduction in risk of skin cancer in general compared to does who used other methods to lose weight. “In this long-term study, bariatric surgery reduced the risk of malignant melanoma. This finding supports the idea that obesity is a melanoma risk factor, and indicates that weight loss in individuals with obesity can reduce the risk of a deadly form of cancer that has increased steadily in many countries over several decades,” researchers said. A lot of people is suffering from cancer and some even need home care assistance like https://homecareassistance.com/sunnyvale/.

It’s not just a surgery if it saves your lives. Bariatric surgeries are live saving and grant people the power to change their lives for better.

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