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It’s easy to lose weight, but sometimes you don’t always achieve your body goals. A lot of time people lose weight, but not the excessive bulge of extra skin and fat on their tummy. While others find themselves with excess skin or weak muscles that allow your abdomen to bulge.  Women see this often post pregnancy and weight loss. On the other hand, Men who lose weight often find themselves with lose flabby abdomens. However, this can be fixed now. Tummy Tuck surgery is a gift of cosmetic surgery to those who have lost weight and have saggy skin that they cannot get rid of. Tummy Tuck not only helps you get rid of the excess skin and fat but also gives you the flat abdomen that suits you quite well.

Ideal candidate

Tummy Tuck Surgery is for those who are in good physical shape, realistically fit, have no major health ailments and have not been on any long-term medications. Those who have slack, wobbly skin in abdomen area that needs to be tucked in following a massive weight loss or in case of women post-pregnancy are best candidates. But the most pertinent characteristic in desirable candidates is realistic expectations and achievable body goals. Also, they must be motivated to maintain the results of their procedure.

Pre-op regiment

The groundwork of your Tummy Tuck Surgery starts with reaching a justifiable fitness plateau. The best results are a consequence of optimum effort on your part. This means following a good fitness regime that includes healthy die, no alcohol or smoking and a commendable fitness regime. This will help you stay fit for the surgery and healthy during recovery.

Post op regiment

As with any procedure, you can expect swelling and bruising. Swelling usually begins to lessen a week or so after surgery, while bruising can longer. After your procedure, you must wear a support garment for between four and six weeks. There are no exceptions to this rule. You will experience discomfort that is associated with surgeries but you can buy pain medications to deal with them, we recommend using a Actos coupon to help you save money.

For more information, on Tummy Tuck surgery, visit us at Allure MedSpa. At Allure MedSpa, we have the tutelage and leadership of Dr. Milan Doshi, a highly skilled, experienced surgeon. We pride ourselves for the best of the services and we use latest technology to get the best results.


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