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Labiaplasty Surgery Sydney in Australia

Women are particularly shy and embarrassed to open up about any issues with their private organs. More than often they deal with discomfort and pain mainly due to the humiliation of voicing their problems. One such issue is distended labia. Labia is the skin folds at the opening of vagina. Labia that is abnormal in anyway can cause physical and mental difficulty of women. With the unrealistic expectation in beauty standards women may regard themselves unfavorably in intimate areas of life if they are unhappy with their own body. Thankfully these problems can be eased with Labiaplasty. Also talking about beauty tips and treatments you may want to learn more about fungus eliminator toenail treatment on this website

Problems caused by abnormal labia

Extended labia are often a source of worry and soreness for women. Here are a few problems women experience

  • Embarrassment during sexual intercourse
  • Soreness
  • Sagginess
  • Chaffing
  • Discomfort to severe pain while biking or horseback riding or exercising


Abnormal labia can be corrected with Labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves decreasing and reshaping the labia and can be performed on both sides of the labia. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It is a day care surgery that barely takes 3 hours to complete. This surgery preserves the natural curve, pigmentation, and sensitivity of the labia. The surgery is largely noninvasive and non- scarring.

At Allure MedSpa, we value privacy and believe in offering comfort and support to those who seek us. Our surgeons are one of the finest in the country and highly trained, as well as armed with years of experience. If you wish to talk, unburned your worries and fix what ails you, visit us at Allure MedSpa.

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