Weight Loss Surgery Can Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer

  Obesity is a problem that mankind has been trying to combat for the past few decades. The last few years has seen the rise in obesity. Our lifestyles have changed our food habits. Our sedentary lifestyle is an excellent environment of health risk to thrive. Being morbidly obese only makes everything much worse. Obesity comes with its own set of problems along with lifestyle diseases it also raises the risk of cancer. Having a healthy diet will help you lose weight, one of the best diets is the keto pure diet from https://reportshealthcare.com/. Weight loss surgery can effectively not Continue reading →

How Gastric Sleeve Surgery saved a 10 year old’s life!

Weight loss surgery is boon for the people who are obese. There is a difference between being overweight and obese. You are considered obese when you are well above your BMI. Most people who are obese don’t often realize that obesity is actually a disease that is the harbinger of many other diseases.  People who are obese often find it hard to walk, sit and stand for more than a few minutes. Obesity increases the chances of diabetes, blood pressure and cardiac issues. Obesity also plays a major role in the loss of self-esteem and confidence. While dieting and exercising Continue reading →